Age groups at ToddlinTime are based on suggestion.

Your child is welcome to attend in any group they are most comfortable. 

Baby Bears < 1 Year Old 

Classes are 30 minutes long for crawlers and slow movers. We focus on socialization, basic motor skills, sign language and more.

Busy Bears Ages 1 year - 2 years

Classes increase to 45 minutes for our new movers and shakers. Children should be walkers in this group. We focus on socialization skills, sharing, basic motor functions, and more. 

Toddler Bears Ages 2 years - 3 years

Classes are 45 minutes in length. We increase the challenge for sharing, following directions and socialization skills. Counting, ABC's and basic educational themes will be highlighted in this group. 

Big Bears Ages 3 - 4+ years

Classes are 1 hour in length to allow for a craft time or special weekly activity. We work on fine motor skills, advanced concepts, using our imagination to increase creativity and the joy of learning. Children are more independent in this group but the parent still has a role along side them in our class. 

The age groups listed above are a guideline for how your child can fit in to our program. We often will have 2 ages groups blended in our classes. The children are great role models for each other. They learn how to play together with children that are younger or older than them. At ToddlinTime children attend class with a parent. Both parent and child are required to participate in the activities we choose to highlight our weekly themes. We sing songs with a large rainbow parachute, we dance through bubbles and march around the room making new friends and finding the fun in learning. Our age groups are a guideline for children to get the most out of our programs. We love when siblings can attend together and when someone with special needs comes with their parent and or therapist. ToddlinTime is a comfortable and safe environment for all to enjoy. If you would like help in assessing the age group that is appropriate for your child contact us anytime. Tel: 703-986-4327