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By submitting this form you are giving your electronic signature that you are acknowledging this program is intended for both parent and child. The parent is not an observer, but is a participant in all activities, providing supervision and encouragement throughout the class.  I understand that ToddlinTime is not to be held responsible for any injuries. If equipment is being used improperly and not as intended or instructed; if behavior is endangering other children you may be asked to leave or be directed to a new class time. No refunds will be given in this case. ToddlinTime is a place where children are learning to play gently together in a class room setting. We ask that you not allow children to run or to act aggressively towards other children in the class. Please be sure to wear or bring socks. Tuition is $240 FOR 20 weeks; Additional siblings tuition is 50% OFF. To secure your space on our roster, your tuition payment must be made by December 15th 2017. We reserve the right to remove you from our roster if tuition has not been paid. Classes begin on the week of January 3rd 2018, continuing through May 25th 2018. We will be closed the week of March 26th - March 30th for Spring Break. 



Classes BEGIN ON JANUARY 3RD, 2018.

$240 FOR 20 WEEKS *

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.