When requesting a trial class keep in mind...

As parents ourselves, Jason and I know that it can be quite a commitment to start a class not knowing if it will be a good fit for you and your child.

We are glad that we can offer one free trial class to our students so that you can see our play gym up close and meet some of the other participants in our program.

The young age groups that we entertain are unpredictable and sometimes plans do not go as expected. That is part of what makes our program awesome. We know how to roll with the flow and we have lots of tricks for making the nervous or shy butterflies feel more at ease.


Keep in mind the first class can be a bit overwhelming for your young one. The new people, new toys, and all the excitement requires some children to adjust over the weeks of our program. We take great pride in making our classroom a comfortable, laid back environment for all to easily adjust and enjoy our class.


The best part about ToddlinTime is to see the progression your child will make each week socially, physically and mentally as they enhance their joy for learning in our program. 

When we receive your trial class request form we will send you an email with the class times that we have available. We look forward to meeting you and your child.