ToddlinTime classes are suggested for children from 8 months old to 4+ years of age. Our classes are grouped by age. We offer 4 age groups; Baby Bears; under 1 year of age, Busy Bears 1- 2 years, Toddler Bears 2- 3 years, and Big Bears 3- 4 years. The 4 age groups allow for us to focus on your child's age appropriate milestones and challenges. 

Baby Bears <1 year – ToddlinTime Baby Bears are such fun to watch as they delight in the new found abilities and their mastering of gross motor skills. Whether rolling a giant ball, or shrieking with glee on a parachute ride, their wide eyes and smiling faces say it all. Songs and color fill the air providing wonderful stimulation for any baby.

Busy Bears 1- 2 years –  As baby becomes toddler, ToddlinTime provides a safe environment for the never ending movers in this age group. Watch their confidence levels blossom while proud parents applaud and encourage their toddlers’ development.

Toddler Bears 2- 3 years– With gross motor skills well under control, the toddler bears are very active on the play equipment. Your toddler will be so proud when they realize they can sing the “ABC song”, remember the words, and even recognize the colors of the parachute they’re playing with!

Big Bears 3 -4 years-  Your child will be too busy making friends to notice how much learning is going on! ToddlinTime group activities such as treasure hunts, story time, games, songs and crafts enhance the imagination and increases the socialization skills of this friendly bunch. We will incorporate a theme focused hands on craft time each week. Also, each student will get to show and share something of their own that relates to our theme. Your Big Bear will definitely be ready to for preschool or kindergarten after this class. 

Age Groups

ToddlinTime of Manassas is a parent child play gym that provides parent and me classes to the greater Manassas area. What are parent and me classes?  We offer an environment for parents and children from 8 months to 4+ years of age to enjoy the world of learning through interactive play. We're more than a preschool play gym, it is a weekly meeting, in an educational environment; a place where friendships can be made for yourself and your little one as we all learn together.

Picture this: a large room filled with music, bright parachutes, colorful play equipment, shrieking children tumbling over huge foam filled blocks, sliding down slides, catching bubbles, singing songs and playing hide and seek inside of tunnels. We play group games and you as the parent are encouraged to play right along side your little one. We dance and play music that fits a new theme each week. Whether our theme is Down on the Farm, Lets Go Camping, or Up to the Moon, we have so much fun laughing and playing together.

ToddlinTime's chosen play equipment and unique learning activities allow parents and children to explore and discover a challenging and playful environment, encouraging physical development and social interaction. By being there with your child you are able to help the child develop exciting new skills. All equipment is carefully inspected for safety, reliability, and suitability for all age groups. At ToddlinTime, children are important to us and so are their parents. Our goal is to provide a fun place for both! Established in 1990, ToddlinTime has succeeded in bringing young children and their parents together JUST FOR FUN! Come join us and experience a whole new way to play today!

Program Description